Bespoke Meets Big Smoke

Bespoke Meets Big Smoke

Today, I had the chance to sit down and parlay with fellow Kings Kyris A. Brown & D’Artagnan Winford. Kyris A. Brown is the Designer and Founder of Kyris Kustoms. Kyris Kustoms specializes in opulent custom menswear, utilizing fine luxurious fabrics, combining European classical tailoring methods. D’Artagnan Winford is the CEO of D’Artagnan Photography, One of the Nation’s premier photography studios.

The scenery is set in Mississippi’s Oldest retail Tobacconist “The Country Squire” Owned by a very dear friend of mine Mr. Jon David Cole. It was truly an honor to host these two gentlemen in place I consider home. The Country Squire is very fitting of the Southern Gentleman with the warm smiles that greet you upon entry, Beautiful smell of Aged Pipe tobacco hitting the nose, and Sweet Jazz mellowing the ears. The atmosphere is very vintage and rusticated, giving you a history lesson of days passed, while creating a mood of calmness to plan for days to come.

The conversations ranged from Fashion, Group Economics, Politics, and life hacks. We got to have this amazing talk while smoking cigars from “The Dreamer Cigar Company” Founded by Meco R. Shoulders & Myself. Considering myself a Man who practices sartorialism, talking to Kyris about the details of bespoke tailoring and what style really meant to him was heavily informative. Kyris stated “He Draws a lot of his influence from his father” and that has really molded his style and creative direction. I have some fashion/life hacks that kyris spoke to that stuck with me.


1.   Details are Key – Details are what separate you from the Pack and really make your ensemble a true conversation piece. From your choice of jewelry, down to the stitching in the pants. Pay Attention to the details!   


2.  Timeless is Forever- Kyris really spoke about his Father’s timeless look and selection of pieces. 20-30 years later, His father’s style retains its luster. Select pieces that are worth its weight in gold and can stand the test of time. Only then will you find yourself with a true gentleman’s wardrobe.



3.  Tailored & Tight aren’t the same- Having something Tailored is a “Kustom’” experience and the proof is in the pudding. Tailored garments are created or molded to the specific gents form. Simply buying a suit smaller than your size, won’t do! AVOID THIS AT ALL COST.


4.  Generational Wealth is the Goal- Having something to pass down to the next generation is important. Whether that’s passing down a keen sense of style and manners or a Muti-Million dollar enterprise. Generational wealth is the Outcome.


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Suiting By: Kyris Customs

Cigars: Dreamer Cigar Company

Photography: D’Artagnan Winford