The Sartorial Tobacconist
The Sartorial Tobacconist
Photography By: Steven Nelson  Hat: Terell Shaw Millinery

Photography By: Steven Nelson

Hat: Terell Shaw Millinery


Chief Anu-Seti Amen-Ra

From the Nawf-Side of the “JACK”, Chief Anu-Seti Amen-Ra is the Definition of a Renaissance Dripster. This 28-year Old is rooted in the fundamentals of being Well-read, Well-spoken, Well-traveled, Well-dressed, & Well-Balanced. With a keen interest, expertise and enthusiasm for cultural endeavors that lie in the practice of sartorialism, and skill-set of the Torcedor Amen-Ra Branded himself as “The Sartorial Tobacconist”.

Amen-Ra’ is a 10 Year U.S Army Officer with a Background in Infantry and Logistical Operations, equipping him with the tools to see the mission through. In the words of Amen-Ra’s favorite Mogul DJ Khaled “Stay Away From THEY”, Amen-Ra followed suit and became a Proud Alumnus of “THEE” Jackson State University. Amen-Ra received a Bachelor’s of Science in Speech Communication and is currently a graduate candidate in the School of Law at Regent University in Wealth Management & Financial Planning.

Amen-Ra is the CEO and Co-founder of Remington & Ra, LLC; a lifestyle Investment Firm which consist of various consulting services that provide our people with the necessary tools and expertise to scale personal & business initiatives. Amen-Ra is Also the Chief Tobacconist and Co-Founder of “The Dreamer Cigar Company” (Subsidiary of Remington & Ra LLC), America’s Youngest Black-Owned Premium Cigar Brand.

Amen-Ra’ lives by the motto “The Game is Cold, but its GRAVY” words quoted by one of his personal favorite lyricist “UGK”. Amen-Ra resonates with this quote because,of his urban upbringing which has equipped him with the quintessential attribute of resiliency that pushed him drips away from his peers. With experience in start-ups, Logistical operations, wealth management, Drip Curation, etc., Amen-Ra’s life’s vibe is unleash the Inner drip within us all.

Photography: Steven Nelson


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